Find the magic hat!

The wicked troll has stolen the clown’s hat. It is your task to find the hat so it can again bring fair weather and good spirits to Kodok Mountain.
Along your way through this adventure, you must solve 10 riddles. Dare to venture through the dark ravine and let the talking tree tell you the secret of the mountain.

A journey full of mystery awaits you. Can you succeed in solving the10 riddles and arrive at the secret magic word by doing so? Only if you are very brave you can crack the code that leads to the secret magic word, defeat the troll, and recover the hat. Do take part in this mystery adventure! Please fill in this section of your adventure pass completely, including the correct magic word, and hand it in at the Valley Station, where you get a “hat-sticker”, to take part in our contest. Lots of great prizes await you!

Good luck with your adventure on Kodok Mountain!
Those participating in the lottery will automatically receive information on our region.